• Hair growth and eyelash cycles
  • Types of eyelash densities
  • Health and safety standards
  • Client intake forms assessments
  • Types of glues
  • Portfolio 101 (photography techniques)
  • Types of eyelashes: faux mink, siberian mink, cashmere flat lashes, silk lashes and volume lashes
  • Working with different eyelash extension thicknesses (0.07, .10, .15, .20, .25), -using and blending different curls (J, B, C, D, L, L+), product knowledge, workspace set up and pre-service procedures, while mastering the individual eyelash application.


  • Correct posture and hands’ positions
  • Techniques of patch application (tape application technique will be explained as well)
  • Single eyelash isolation technique with one & two hands
  • Application of professional adhesive
  • Classical technique of one-by-one eyelash extension application
  • Techniques of eyelash extension alignment; correction & removal

Certificate is awarded to the student who took the course and after the student met both, practical and theoretical requirements set by us. Our practical requirements: student’s completion of 5 eyelash extension sets on her own, after the course. For the theoretical part, the student must pass our oral exam which is based on the material covered during the course. Once both requirements are fulfilled, the Certificate is issued. Our Certificate allows you to practice the eyelash extension procedure legally.
Duration: 2 day

Tuition Fee $730 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual



  • Application techniques refresher
  • Corrections: mistakes others made
  • Assessing the problem
  • Determining: is the problem real? Can I solve it?
  • Removals: full or partial
  • How to properly remove “only” the lashes you don’t want
  • Using the remover
  • Using the tweezers
  • Eyelash Couture: Designing different looks – Natural, Glamour, Cat Eye or Kim Kardashian
  • Working with volume: how to apply the single lashes and turning them into doubles, V’s, or Y’s, Russian Volume
  • Working with length
  • Natural application and different results
  • Glamour looks from full to bold
  • Cat Eye for Asians
  • Kim Kardashian look from a light version to a Hollywood icon

Requirements: Proof of previous training and certificate required, must do 1 full day of training with 2 models minimum, Certification provided.

Duration: 1 day
Tuition Fee $430 +Tax, Includes all supplies for practical 


If you have what it takes to take your career to the next level, then becoming an eyelash extension trainer is you’re NEXT STEP!

Take your career to a new height and share your knowledge and passion with talented individuals that, like you, are ready to become successful business owners. Master Eyelash Extension Trainer Certificate involves not only the ability to perform professional full sets, or adding at least 100 lashes in an hour’s time, or having a profitable practice but also knowing how to teach the knowledge that you’ve got. It is widely known that being good at something is only the first step of being able to teach it, however to be able to actually get your message through and become not just a good but rather GREAT instructor you’ll require: patience, respect for the profession and for others, setting high expectations for your students, leadership, professionalism, constant learning and the ability to “shift gears” if necessary when you realize that your student needs further clarification or teaching method.

Master Eyelash Extension Trainer Certification is NOT geared for individuals that expect to become trainers in a 1 day class or online, but rather  we look for professional eyelash stylists who are committed to a 2 days intensive training that will give you innovative eyelash extensions techniques as well as teaching techniques to add to your credentials.


    • Eyelash Extensions 1:1 and volume applications
    • Portfolio Review
    • 2D and 3D eyelash extensions – The secret behind thicker applications
    • Student basic point of pressure review– European Technique
    • double dexterity
    • Positive reinforcements – learn how to put together theory, images and practical skills for successful eyelash extension teaching
    • 2D and 3D applications – choosing the right natural lashes (Vademecum teaching examples)
    • Russian Volume, Volume Lashes,  4D and 5D
    • Working with multilayered extensions –troubleshooting when thick is too thick
    • Individual removals and full removals
    • Connecting layers – how to successfully teach double layer techniques and how to pre-fan lashes
    • Cashmere Flat lashes – making hybrid* eyelash extensions work for you
    • Siberian Mink Eyelash Extensions – when natural meets volume
    • Business start ups – teaching an intro in social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
    • Making yourself stand out! : Business cards, business name and website, advertising and trade shows
    • The importance of product knowledge in a busy market: representing a brand, being local and experiencing the international trends
    • Networking in the beauty industry –bringing technicians together
    • Learn to teach PRACTICAL for all the above Theories


  • Students that have previously taken training with Rifa Beauty Consulting have automatic entrance into the program
  • Students that have been previously trained by another recognized brand are required to provide a photocopy of their certificate (minimum 6 months required)
  • disclose their eyelash extension services timing (minimum 1.5 hrs for full sets)
  • provide pictures of 3 clients’ full sets (minimum 100 lashes per eye): before and after with eyes open and closed
  • provide 3 references that could talk about your professionalism, work ethics, and client satisfaction (one should be an actual customer)
  • Bring business cards!

Duration: 2 days
Tuition Fee $900 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual


Start yourself on the path to an exciting and lucrative career. Women love the luxury and allure of long flowing hair and yet many do not have the length, volume or even the patience to grow their hair out. Using our techniques, Hair Extensions can stay in as long as 4 to 6 months. We teach different types of Hair Extensions including: Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro Rings Hair Extensions and Tape hair extensions. Learn many methods or just one, it’s up to you. All training seminars include tools and supplies needed which are yours to keep, certificate of course completion, and hands on training.

All Rifa Beauty’s Hands on Training Seminars will educate you on proper consultation application, color blending, cutting and styling. All Seminars include a practicing on a mannequin head, training hair, manual, practicing on a real model, certification upon completion and registration into our client referral program.

Our courses are suitable for both qualified hairdressers and non-hairdressers. Unlike many training companies your training does not just end at the end of your course. We like to keep in touch with all our Hair Extension technicians and offer you ongoing professional support and guidance at no extra cost whenever you feel you may need a helping hand.


The Fusion course could be done as an intensive class in 1 day or as a regular class in 2 days and you will learn the following information: analyze who is an appropriate candidate for fusion hair extensions Health & Safety Consumer Protection,  Ethics,  Sterilization & Disinfection, Contra Indications and how to recognize them , After Care, learn how to work with thin, medium and coarse hair clients place and apply fusion hair strands, proper cutting and blending of hair extensions, proper removal of hair extensions, and how to start your mobile business.

Duration: 1 day
Tuition Fee $500 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual
KIT: 100 strands of hair 20 inch and 100% human hair suited for the color of your model.

Plus all the material needed such as fusion iron, hair clips and brushes are available to use during the class


The Microring course could be done as an intensive class in 1 day or as a regular class in 2 days and you will learn the following information: analyze who is an appropriate candidate for Microring hair extensions

  • Health & Safety
  • Consumer Protection
  • Ethics
  • Sterilization & Disinfection
  • Contra Indications and how to recognize them
  • After Care
  • learn how to work with thin, medium and coarse hair clients
  • place and apply microring hair strands
  • proper cutting and blending of hair extensions
  • proper removal of hair extensions

Duration: 1 day
Tuition Fee $500 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual
KIT: 1 pack of 100% human hair 20 inch suited to your model’s hair color

Plus all the material needed such rings, hair clips and brushes are available to use during the class


Double Taped Hair Extension course could be done as an intensive class in 1 day or as a regular class in 2 days and you will learn the following information: analyze who is an appropriate candidate for Double-taped Hair Double-taped Hair Extension, also called Pre-taped Hair Extension, is the fastest growing, most popular new method of attaching hair extensions. It is flat and each hair is sealed into a flat skin based like material which has durable double sided tape attached to each piece. This method lies very close to your scalp and is very comfortable and virtually undetectable. They are quick and easy to apply as each piece comes pre-taped and is ready to use right from the pack.

  • The Double Extensions
  • Health & Safety
  • Consumer Protection
  • Ethics
  • Sterilisation & Disinfection
  • Contra Indications and how to recognize them
  • After Care & Contra Actions
  • Learn how to match the color, highlights or fantasy color of your client’s hair
  • Learn how to work with thin, medium and coarse hair clients
  • Place and apply Double-taped Hair Extension
  • Proper cutting and blending of hair extensions
  • Proper removal of hair extensions
  • How to do your own extensions and how to start your business

Duration: 1 day
Tuition Fee $500 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual


We provide training related to Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art, and Manicure & Pedicure.

To make it affordable for all our students we offer courses in all the above, compressed in one class per subject. Whether you are just a beginner or you want an upgrade, we are the solution. This comprehensive course ensures you will be fully qualified upon successful completion to offer innovative nail services.



  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Nail anatomy
  • Nail Disorders
  • Nail design
  • Basic Polish application
  • Shellac application
  • French manicure and pedicure
  • Reverse French manicure and pedicure
  • Hand and feet massage with effleurage

Duration: 1 day

Tuition Fee $300 +Tax, Includes Kit



  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Nail anatomy
  • Nail Disorders
  • Cuticle check
  • Gel or Acrylic Application
  • If taking Gel classes you will learn LED gel and UV gel
  • If taking Acrylic you will learn colored and plain acrylic
  • Sculpted technique and nail tips for both
  • Nails’ products explanation and classification
  • Electric filing and manual filing
  • Reverse technique
  • Polishing crosscheck

Duration: 1 day

Tuition Fee $375 +Tax, Includes Kit



  • Acrylic nail enhancements: rhinestones, pearls, striping tape, studs, bullion beads fimos, incrustations, glitters..etc
  • 3D designs: flowers, ribbons, stars, leaves, roses, etc…
  • Free hand nail art
  • Dotting techniques
  • Introduction to Bell nails, aquarium nails and stiletto nails
  • Marble art
  • French art
  • Glitter
  • Intro to KONAD

Duration: 1 day

Tuition Fee $350 +Tax, Includes Kit


At Rifa Beauty Consulting we take pride into the private and semi-private training that we offer both to professionals in the beauty industry and to professionals that are eager to set foot in an ever growing and changing field. Classes are purposely kept small with 1 or 2 students maximum per class because we are determined to keep our student’s high performance and hand-on training from day 1.

Microblading course covers all standard procedures for eyebrows plus a rigorous instruction on color theory and mixing, practicing sterilization guidelines and cross contamination control as in force by our local and international authorities. The use of machines and various operating implements is covered plus portfolio building, client in-take forms and aftercare instructions.

Each of the three-day training closes with a thorough review of the material previously covered as well as the instructor will go over any concerns that the student might have. Homework could be give to ensure that the proper technique is learned in the scheduled time.

Don’t wait! We offer flexible and customized classes to fit your schedule and needs.

Get ready for hands-on training each day so you can practice the material learned and you get comfortable for doing services on your live model. We firmly believe that the success of all the classes that we have taught throughout the years relies in the fact that we’ve kept very small classes and having one instructor working side by side with the student builds confidence and produces great professionals.


  • Introduction to permanent makeup
  • Sanitation regulations by Health Canada and your local Health Inspector part I
  • Color Theory and Pigments – The difference between pigment and ink
  • Skin Tone, color selection and color mix
  • Skin Structure – The different layers of the skin
  • Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup
  • Eyebrow Design and Measurement
  • Topical Anesthetics Application – Gel and Cream
  • Needle Usage for Eyebrows
  • Working on Artificial Skin
  • Preventing Cross Contamination
  • Equipment Sanitation
  • Sterilization Processes and Disposing processes
  • Work Place Safety and Safe Procedures for staff and clients
  • Allergic Reactions- Troubleshooting
  • Healing Process, After Care Instructions and Portfolio Building
  • Color Correction Services
  • How to prevent Pigments Migration
  • Working on Artificial Skin
  • Client Consultation – What to know, what to ask, what to look for?
  • Review Medical Release Form/ Liability
  • Client Expectations vs.  Possibilities
  • Color Correction and Removal for Eyebrows
  • Permanent Makeup Removal Methods
  • Your time to shine! Hands-on Practical on live model

All Practical only on Eyebrows

Duration: 3 days
Tuition Fee $2000 +Tax, Includes Kit / Manual


Lash Lifts are the newest in semi-permanent lash curling services that works with your natural lashes enhancing them with a curl, this is unlike the traditional perming system of wrapping lashes around sponge rod, are done with a keratin solution and silicone rods that curl your lashes and give them a attractive natural curl, with our system each lash is “lifted” individually, creating a perfect curl for length.

Treatments are about 45 minutes which gives the appearance of thicker, longer lashes that can last from 5 to 7 weeks. The lifting effect naturally enhances the natural thickness of the lashes giving a more defined overall appearance. This technique is ideal for people who do not want to wear lash extensions or have allergies to products for eyelash extensions.


Hygiene, description of the right technique
Training on a model by the trainer
Starter kit giveaway
Frequently Asked Questions
Duration: 1 day
Tuition Fee $500.00 +Tax, Includes Kit