Eyelash Extension Course in Nepean Ottawa

Eyelash Extension Course in Nepean Ottawa

Are you looking to cash in on the eyelash craze? Rifa Beauty Consulting offers in-depth, comprehensive eyelash extension courses to beauticians looking to start a practice of their own.

We provide the best eyelash extension classes in Nepean and the surrounding area. We look forward to helping you become an expert lash extension technician and the ultimate beauty guru.

Our comprehensive course includes all the tools and techniques you’ll need to receive both your Classic and Volume Certifications.

Ready to become a lash professional? Call or text us at (613)883-2731 to sign up for our eyelash extension courses.

Become a Fully Certified Eyelash Extension Technician

With our eyelash extension training, you’ll become a fully certified lash extension technician in no time. You’ll have to meet both technical and practical requirements in order to be awarded the certificate of course completion.

Once you have been issued the certificate, you’ll officially be allowed to practice the art of eyelash extensions legally and without concern. You have the choice to either start your own practice or work in a salon. Eyelash extension applications are currently a service that is in high demand, and there is much to be achieved with our eyelash extension certificate program.

Comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or just need a refresh, Rifa Beauty Consulting offers comprehensive eyelash extension training for people of all ages. Our training programs provide theory on health and safety standards and hands-on practice to properly apply each individual lash. Our courses are designed to give you all the theory and practice you need to become a talented and knowledgeable eyelash technician. Throughout the training, you’ll learn the following:

  • Hair growth and eyelash cycles
  • Different types of eyelash densities
  • Types of glues
  • Types of eyelashes and products
  • How to work with different thicknesses and curls
  • How to make a good portfolio
  • Workplace setup and pre-service procedures
  • Individual eyelash technique
  • All sorts of professional techniques and methods!

We also offer master eyelash extension training. This course is for those interested in becoming one of our top eyelash extension trainers and one day leading a training program.

Accredited Eyelash Extension Trainers

All our eyelash extension trainers are fully certified and accredited, having successfully completed our master eyelash extension training. They have proven themselves to be quick and efficient in their applications, and they have shown us consistently, high-quality work. They’ll show you the tricks of the trade so that maybe one day you’ll be able to join our staff too.

Affordable, Worthwhile Lash Extension Courses

One does not need to look far and wide to know that the lash extension market is a profitable one. Our courses are affordable and worthwhile, especially when you realize how quickly you can make money back with the lash extension services, you’ll now be able to offer.

Our tuition fee for beginners is $730 +tax, and that includes both the kit and the manual. Our refresher course is $430 + tax and includes all supplies as well.

The Best Eyelash Extension Course in Nepean Ottawa

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